Day 8 – Death Valley California Part Two

Touring Death Valley for the 2nd day in a row, we wanted to see more of the sights. Today we first climbed the 15% grade up to Dante’s View at 5600+ feet where it was hailing, then down to Bad Water at 284 feet BELOW sea level. It’s not supposed to rain in Death Valley, but we were in the middle of a full on rains storm. We waited it out and then drove back up the road to the Natural Bridge just before sunset. Dinner was at the Death Valley Junction Cafe where Rob had to have the Death Valley Junction Burger and coleslaw.

Day 6 – Two Days in Pahrump Nevada

We left Mesquite Nevada, stopped into the Whole Foods in Vegas and then climbed a very long and steep hill as we crossed the mountain range and headed down into Pahrump Nevada, home of Art Bell. After a little shopping for odds and ends we needed (vacuum and new sewer hose), we visited the Pahrump Desert Winery for a tasting.