Days 12-18 – Destiny RV Park Phoenix

It’s been a while since our last blog update but there hasn’t been much to update day by day.   So here it is, in a nutshell, what’s been happening with us here in Goodyear, AZ in the last week.

After xmas we met up with my cousin, Barbilee, and her family (Dywayne, Rydel, and Taylor Rae) as they were here for the holidays too.   The ladies went shopping while Rob did some errands and found a Whole Foods.  That evening we all went for Indian food, which was very tasty.

Over the week we figured out where the gym is that we have affiliation with through Club Fit, found a Safeway, Blockbuster and some basic necessities in our area. Rob finally got the parts he needed to get the BBQ working and we used it for the first time.  He said it was quite efficient, being small it circulates the heat and the food cooks quickly.

We signed up to get internet connections on both our laptops which set us back another $30 each, on top of the RV park fees.  We were NOT expecting it to be extra for what we paid here. Rob went and looked into getting the Verizon wireless internet stick and network hub, but they wanted his SIN number or a $400 deposit, so he declined and we bit the bullet and paid the $60 for the month.

New Years came and went without much fanfare for us.  We just had dinner in, and watched a movie ourselves.  We actually even missed midnight by 3 minutes by the time we looked at a clock.

Destiny RV park itself is quite nice, but quite honestly the one in Pahrump was just as nice and was less costly.  Lesson learned to shop around and ask questions before booking.   The park is situated in a citrus grove and it is full of orange, grapefruit, and lemon trees.  We have an orange tree 5 feet from our door, and grapefruit one site behind us.  I took a walk one day and found lemons not too far away too.

They have a community recreation room for get togethers and group functions.  It has a big screen TV and satellite channels.  They also have books and puzzles, which I have already done one of, even though it was missing one piece at the end.  There is also a pool and hot tub, the latter which we’ve been visiting quite frequently in the evenings.  The temperature drops quite quickly here after the sun has gone down, and inside the RV can get chilly.  A quick dip in the hot tub is great to take the chill out of the old bones before bed.

I took an hour long walk one day and saw horses, a road runner (inside the RV park) and 4 hummingbirds fighting in a tree.  Seems they are quite territorial, or so it seems.  I watched the first one chase away the new comer three or four times.  They make little clicks and tiny chirps and are quite often seen in the early morning and just before dusk.  I will try and capture them on camera soon.

Lessons learned:  always ask the RV park if internet or WIFI is included in the price when their listing says “wifi available”.

6 thoughts on “Days 12-18 – Destiny RV Park Phoenix”

  1. Happy New Year, you two! Doesn’t it suck to get to the end of a puzzle to only find one piece is missing? Been there, done that…miss you!

  2. My husband and I are looking for an rv park near the Goodyear, AZ area. So is this one (Destiny) worth going to? Or have you found any that are nicer – that also accept couples under 55? (that seems to be our biggest issue when finding an rv park)

  3. Great question @Karen. We are early 40’s and were accepted. Our neighbours at Destiny were about the same and with a teen daughter.

    They are certainly worth going to. Looking back over all the RV parks we stayed at, Destiny was in the top 3.

    Destiny RV Park’s biggest “block” if you will is their policy about RV age. If I remember correctly, they have a 10 year policy. Ours was older. We sent pictures of it and they approved it.

    Great pool, incredibly great jacuzzi and fruit trees with actual fruit at nearly every lot.

    Also, have a look at another post Dar did about Destiny RV Park in Goodyear AZ with pictures

  4. Perfect – thank you for the information. Our rig is only a few years old so that won’t be an issue.

    I’ll keep your blog on my favorites – as we, too, are in our early 40s and are always looking for new places to travel to. Thank you!

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