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Hi! We are Rob & Darlene

We got married on September 9, 2009 and had a dream to RV our way across the US and Canada and get away from the snow and freezing temperatures in Edmonton for one winter.  December 15, 2009 we set out on our dream journey, this blog is a record of our travels, experiences, lessons, and people met along the way.

As the title of this blog suggests we are among the youngest of snowbirds, and this is our inaugural RV trip, so we are also RV virgins for the most part.  Much of our learning is trial and error.

Rob is an internet marketer and blogger and Darlene is a photographer.  Together we will use our skills to document, entertain, and hopefully inspire those who read it.

Our trip will take us straight south of Alberta, through Nevada to Arizona where we plan our first month stay with day trips. Then on through to Texas for another month before a short one week stop in New Orleans.  Moving east towards Florida and then up to Savannah Georgia for another 2 week stop.

rob and dar at willie nelson concert

We have a convention in Canada for May, so after spending as much time in the motorhome in the southern United States, it’ll be a quick trip up the east coast stopping for historic sights along the way before spending a week in Canada’s maritime provinces.

Then home to Alberta via the northern United States after some wine tasting in New York.

We highly encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll get updates about our trip and any wisdom we care to share, as soon as we publish.

Welcome to our RV Travel and adventure blog, we hope you enjoy our trip log about traveling through the US by motorhome.

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18 thoughts on “About Rob and Darlene”

  1. Congratulations! So wonderful to hear from you. I love the picture of the both of you. The pics you have of your travels are beautiful, and the blog…witty and informative. Just like the two of you. Will talk soon.

  2. Find me on Facebook and our take out has a small website there…….I think it is so interesting what you two are doing together and to recognize a little place like ours. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. thanks Vanessa! We enjoyed stopping and meeting you yesterday. I can’t find you on Facebook though without your last name – search for me Darlene Hildebrandt (Edmonton) and add me and Rob

  4. Congratulations Rob & Vanessa. Absolutely the best time to start fulfilling your dream. Thanks so much for sharing your travels, tips, and photos with us. We are newly retired and haven’t traveled much yet but appreciate all that you share with us. Safe and happy travels.

  5. We are now yes and are WAY behind on blogging on this site. We will be adding more posts on our further adventures soon, please make sure to subscribe to our updates.

  6. So much enjoyed your blog & Texas stuff….yep, we’re one of THOSE!! We have a little different way of traveling…both retired from banking and we deliver trucks to every state in the US…also been to about 11 Canadian provinces…drove the Alaska hwy twice…second time back in 2 school busses…our part-time job/hobby pays for our vice (traveling)…Keep it up…let us know where & when you go again!!!…Max & Robbie Rash

  7. OMG you missed Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Montezumas Castle, and sooo much more in Arizona. You HAVE to come back and talk it a bit slower so you can see much more. 🙂

  8. @GT, we were in Arizona the Oct prior to our RV trip. Went to Sedona for 2 days, saw Montezuma’s Castle and Prescott. During our RV trip, we DID get to the Grand Canyon, Winslow, the meteor crater and Williams. Loved Arizona. (we were going to buy a house in Phoenix at one point, but changed our mind… might be off to Peru now).

    Thanks for your comment. Search our site for the grand canyon / williams / Winslow posts

  9. Hi,
    I work for a production company which is working on some specials for the Travel channel. We’re looking for real RV enthusiasts to talk to about their travels and events they have been to. I stumbled upon you and want to know if you’d be interested in hearing more about our project. You can email me any time you’d like.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!



  10. We are also becoming RV snowbirds. Own an RV but haven’t used it in 10 years since the kids grew up. Now we will be spending our first winter in Florida and will be RVing with a 30 pound orange Maine Coon. Enjoy your site very much. Hoping we don’t experience the pee bath!

  11. Hi,

    Please let me know if you accept paid guest posts on your site, RV Travel Blog. I work with freelance writers to create posts on sites like yours that link to a clients page within the context of the post. These are never reviews or advertisements for the link, just informational posts that are tailored to fit the content and audience of the site they are written for.

    Is that something you are interested in discussing? If you are, what are your guidelines for this type of agreement?


  12. You guys are freaking awesome. Not sure if you’re still active on this site but your journey is incredible. We’re about to embark on a similar one, just wanted to share it with you and see if you had any advice for us. You can check us out at http://www.peaceacrossamerica.com.

    You rock,
    Rich and Becky

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