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Day 9 – Wind Delay

Due to high winds in the area, we kept the motorhome parked in the RV park and waited it out. Having heard of wind storms near Phoenix causing deaths on the highway, we felt it better to stay put that risk it. As an added bonus, while waiting out the wind, Dar won $99 in video poker at the casino.

Day 7 – Death Valley California Part One

The day started early at 7:30am and it was a little nippy in the RV to say the least.  It was about 66f when we went to bed, and prayed we’d have enough propane to last the night – NOT! It was a balmy 46f in the morning and Dar was only saved from freezing…

Day 6 – Two Days in Pahrump Nevada

We left Mesquite Nevada, stopped into the Whole Foods in Vegas and then climbed a very long and steep hill as we crossed the mountain range and headed down into Pahrump Nevada, home of Art Bell. After a little shopping for odds and ends we needed (vacuum and new sewer hose), we visited the Pahrump Desert Winery for a tasting.

Day 5 – 20% Fuel Efficiency Improvement

Today we left Salt Lake City Utah for Mesquite Nevada, a total travel time of a little over 7 hours. We stopped in Scipio Utah on the advice of a photographer friend who told Darlene about a garage with antique gas pumps. While Dar took photos, Rob found an antique store and bought a Compound bow. After filling up the tanks in Beaver Utah, we were pleased to find a 20% fuel efficiency improvement after adding the Quantum Energy magnets.

Day 4 – Mormon Temple Square

After gassing up and moving the quantum energy magnets from the Toad to the motorhome engine, we left for Salt Lake City Utah. It was a short day on the road and we were both excited about visiting the Mormon Tabernacle and Temple Square. As it was the holiday season, the Temple Square was lit up and filled with families. Dar got some great shots while Rob crossed another “point of interest” off his list.