Day 9 – Wind Delay

Today we had planned on getting up and heading to Arizona, but the winds have not let up yet and gusts of up to 45 miles/hr are not safe for RV driving.  We checked the forecast and it was supposed to subside by mid afternoon, so we got a late check out from the RV park and decided to wait until about 3pm and see how it was by then.

3pm came and went and still it was windy, so we decided to get some things done (work on the blog, cook dinner finally, etc.) and stay put another night in Pahrump.

During the waiting period, Dar really wanted some pancakes so we headed off to the Nugget casino where we found her some.  While waiting for Rob to return from the bathroom after brunch, she put $5 into a nickel poker slot machine, and damned if she didn’t pull up 4 aces and walk away with $104 from her $5.   Saweeeeet!

Rob worked on setting up the new BBQ so we could have chicken tonight, but by the time he figured out he didn’t have the right connector to attach it to the propane tank, the RV Superstore was already closed.   So Dar improvised and made up a concoction of honey, mustard, chili chicken – not bad actually!

Our first cooked meal in the RV consisted of steamed brown rice, broccoli (also steamed), salad, and the chicken.  Quite tasty and highly nutritious!   Oh and a glass of wine to toast the occasion!

meal in RV
our first meal in the RV
inside RV
inside our humble abode aka Victor the Vectra motorhome

It was actually nice not to have to pack up or drive anywhere for one day, so surrendering to the elements was not a bad thing at all, and much safer.  Funny thing is, by 4:30pm the wind had almost stopped completely and we could have gone.  Oh well, c’est la vie!

Not much else to report for this day, watched some TV and went to bed.

Lessons learned:

When buying a new RV BBQ, ask about connecting parts while still at the store

14 thoughts on “Day 9 – Wind Delay”

  1. I like the name victor the vectra. So how are you connecting to the interweb? Verzion?
    Their is a pic from day 4 of the temple? by the title and farther down the page. How wide is that? 28mm? Just wondering. What you found out about KOA is generally what I found more expensive but you get much more for your money. Great if you have kids as they usually have a place for them to hang around an play pinball etc. Plus lots of services but if your kid-less and just passing through can be a tad to much money and way to much for tenting. Here is the website to a couple I have been following for a few years. Mostly because of the type of RV. They are full timers and have been traveling the SW.
    You might be interesting in. They use satellite to connect to the web.

  2. Connecting via the free wi-fi the RV parks have available in each stop. Where we are now does not have free wifi though. Have to pay $30 for a connection to the wifi they’re broadcasting here. I’m guessing the park gets a cut of the signups.

    We looked at the verizon setup. They have a stick for a single computer and a router type device for up to 5 devices. They want a SIN number from us, or a $400 deposit though. I refuse to give either, so we’re working with what we’ve got and so far it’s not bad at all.

  3. what question Wes? about the size of the image? Images on the web are in pixels not inches. They are displayed at 72 ppi (pixels per inch) so they could vary in size depending on the resolution of your screen. If you run a monitor with 1024×768 an image will be bigger than on one that runs 1600×1200. It’s hard to explain, but does that make sense?

  4. Ah ha. Wes got his picture worked out, but CHANGED the email he was using so his INITIAL comments wont show his picture. lol

  5. not sure Wes, I could look it up IF my computer was working but it isn’t. I have a 17-35mm and it was probably that one, at the widest setting of 17mm.

  6. and as to your next question Wes, it’s ME who carries all her lenses when we do shoots like this. I’m her pack horse. Lenses and tripods

  7. And an admiral job u do Rob as I have been there done that. I have 17mm, it’s a fun lens. Now only if I had a body to put it on.

  8. if you shoot digital though, unless you have a full chip sensor in your body, a 17mm is more like a 26mm with the 1.5x factor. Most bodies are NOT full chip. Canon 5D is and I think Nikon has one now. Most of the rest are 1.5x.

  9. Yeah, I knew about the 1.5 fov thing. Makes the entry price in the the slr medium kinda expensive. Nikon has a couple plus they accept old manual focus lenses all be it with no electronic help.

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