classic cars

Classic Corvettes On The Beach

After having seen Otto’s classic corvettes in his secret hide away, we asked him to bring a couple down to the RV park during the next pot luck supper so we could get some photographs of the corvettes on the beach. He brought three of them. We parked them on the beach, next to Nueces Bay in Corpus Christi and took some shots.

Day 47 – Bisbee and Queen Mine Tour

Bisbee Arizona offers a great place to spend the day on a walking tour. The art community dearly love their little town and enjoy sharing it with tourists. Visit the Queen Mine and take the tour, sample some chocolate made directly from the cacao bean, climb the many sets of stairs or wind your way through the narrow passage ways. We enjoyed our whole food meal at the High Desert Market (twice) and after a full day said to ourselves “we could so easily live here!”

Day 46 – Gunfight At The OK Corral

We spent a full day in Tombstone, taking in the gunfight at the OK Corral, meeting the OK Corral Blacksmith, taking a tour on the trolley through town and out to Boot Hill Cemetery, learning how to play Farrow with Doc Holliday and meeting Caesar the Tombstone Biker Bird.