Texans Are Very Serious About Being Texan

I took a dip last night in a hot tub that was the shape of the state of Texas.  Of all the states we’ve traveled through so far, Texas seem to be the most proud of their heritage.  Lone stars are built into the architecture, the sidewalks and the Texas state flag is seen flying everywhere.  Formal attire for a Texan is a cowboy hat and boots!  I posted my thought about Texans being serious about being Texan on Twitter and got the reply, “Yes, like glue is serious about being sticky!”

5 thoughts on “Texans Are Very Serious About Being Texan”

  1. Growing up in Texas as a kid, I totally agree. Most of my family never left there, but going in the Air Force then moving to Alaska satisfied my wanderlust (but not for long!)

  2. Yes, you are correct. I am very proud to be a Texan. I call it Paradise, but, you may wanna call it Texas. Please, come back and spend more time with us.

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