Our Review of Sea Breeze RV – Portland, TX

We stayed at Sea Breeze for just over 5 weeks – and we will be back next year!   Summarizing our review of Seabreeze RV Park in Portland, we would say that this is a great place to stay. We loved the location, the people, the activities and the area.  You’ve already seen the owners and their and the , so I’m not going go give too many details as I got an article on the place coming on the Good Sam magazine as well.  So I’ll just show some photos of the park to give you an idea of what it was like.

Sea Breeze RV Park
The sign says "Welcome Home" and they mean it.

On a scale of 1-10 we give Sea Breeze full marks – TEN!

Sea Breeze RV park

Sea Breeze RV park
Our stall H48

Sea Breeze RV park

Sea Breeze RV park
"The Place" clubhouse where events take place
Sea Breeze RV park
games room - patio
Sea Breeze RV park
Dora starting off the pot luck for St. Patty's day dinner
Sea Breeze RV park
Dancers for St. Patty's dinner

Sea Breeze RV park

Sea Breeze RV park
I got in on the act and picked up the spoons to play

There are an incredible number and type of birds that hang out in and around the park.  Here are a few of them, most of these taken only steps from our door. If you’re into birding in Texas, this is the place to stay.

Sea Breeze RV park
Blue heron in the creek at the park
egret at Sea Breeze RV park
Large egret - the littler Snowy Egrets also hang out nearby
Cardinal - I chased this guy around to get a photo of him. He has the neatest song too,
Ducks of course
snowy egret
Snowy egret

snowy egret

brown pelicans
Brown pelicans
6 toed cat
6 toed cat (6 on each front paw) - 12 pack as they called him that lives at Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze RV Park
Not a bad view hey?

Sea Breeze RV Park

Sea Breeze RV Park
The lights are from the city, Corpus Christi across the bay

Sea Breeze RV Park

wine sunset
And that marks the end of Texas for this year - cheers!

What We Liked About Seabreeze RV Park

  • Location – end of a road, next to Nueces Bay opposite Corpus Christi with NO SECURITY because there’s NO NEED for security. 5 minute drive to Shamrock Fitness center, 5 minutes to a movie theater, close to banks and shopping and a short 15 minutes to Corpus.
  • Birding – Texas is filled with birds and Seabreeze RV Park is no exception. As you see in the pictures above, many different types of birds live in the park and an area between the beach and the RV’s is designed for birds. I tried to convince Otto to put in a par 3 golf course hole here, but he declined. Otto said “That’s the birding area”.
  • Fishing – although we didn’t fish, our neighbors did. You can walk right out off the beach into the water and cast your line, or drive a short distance and launch your boat. Our neighbor had a boat he used almost daily
  • Laundry facility had accompanying television area. Can watch TV if you like, while waiting for laundry.
  • 3 places to watch TV. The office (TV, and Pool table), laundry room, and “The Place” with a HUGE flatscreen.
  • Pool and hot tub
  • Covered games area offering Foosball, darts (and the pool table at the office)
  • Large washrooms with showers in 2 different places for a total of 4 showers plus an additional 2 washrooms at the office.
  • Daily “Happy Hour” at “The Place” where the guys meet to shoot the shit for an hour in the afternoon. Beverages optional.
  • Morning coffee and “shoot the shit” at The Place, which was always very active.
  • Every other week potluck suppers
  • Immediately brought into the social aspect of the park, welcomed with open arms. That was a first for us.
  • While the owners Otto and Dora don’t actually run the park, they are VERY active in the events. It’s their second home, so we saw them a lot.
  • We liked that the full timers had their own section of the park. If they went to work early, they didn’t wake other campers.
  • Vehicle vacuum and tire pump on site.
  • The ONLY downside of the park is the location of the trash bin. There’s one trash bin located outside the park entrance that fills quickly. One must save trash locally and then take it with you leave, or make a special trip. With it being the only downside, we quickly adapted.
  • Oh, and the price. It’s so perfect. Was the most affordable park we stayed at in our entire RV history.

Seabreeze RV Park in Portland is far and away the best place we’ve stayed at in our short time on the road. We think that it’s important to be able to call a place home and feel safe there. At Seabreeze, we were welcomed with open arms, included in events immediately and could not have felt safer or had a better view. I hope that our review of seabreeze offers you some insight into making the choice to stay here.

27 thoughts on “Our Review of Sea Breeze RV – Portland, TX”

  1. Amazing pictures and commentary! I have a question though.
    Living where I do, while there are obviously bad spots, the vast majority of the country is “safe”. I noticed that you really liked this place because it was “safe”. Is it really that “unsafe” in most places?

  2. Well, most places we’ve been to do not have security of any type. In reality, we left Texas a month ago, and we’re catching up on the writing. After being to New Orleans and seeing the razor wire and spikes on the tops of the walls at an RV park in downtown New Orleans, I guess “safe” was on my mind. Dar wrote the piece here, but I did the last portion and the closing paragraph.

    There was only one other place we were worried at. The RV Park we stayed at in Tucson.

    hey, go to http://www.gravatar.com and get a fricken Gravatar there bud!

  3. Justyn – most places are safe, but think about it this way. We live in a tin can with all our belongings. We “safe” is relative to the neighborhood really. We didn’t feel safe in the Tucson park because the area was quite seedy and were worried about break-ins and I didn’t want to use the bathroom by myself (no lock on the door and just a plastic shower curtain). So it’s different than just being in the city or staying in a hotel.

  4. G’day Rob n Dar,
    Thank you for the explanation. I guess I was getting a bit stuck on the theme Michael Moore used in Bowling for Columbine in that America feeds off an unhealthy paranoia that everyone is out to rob and murder you, as portrayed by the media.
    I do appreciate how fragile it must feel at times in the tin can. I feel safe at home in my solid brick dwelling, nicely anchored to the ground in a place I know extremely well. If home moved all the time, and I didn’t know the locations at all, I would be shitting myself on a nightly basis. Lucky Rob is a big bear of a man!

  5. …and I mean Bear as in Big and Scary, not Covered in leather and Gay..LOL

    Then again, both would work in scaring off crooks.

  6. We loved your article on Sea Breeze RV Park. We are Texans (north) and newly retired in 29 Jan. this year. We are now looking around the mid-golf coast area for affordable and nice RV Parks, We will definetly check out Sea Breeze. Beautiful pics by the way.
    We have stayed at the Pioneer Beach RV Resort, Port Aransas nexxt to Corpus Christi. Are you familiar with that park. They have gotten a little pricey for us. Thanks again.

  7. Ernest & Wanda Ford

    We would like more information mailed to us. The price of staying at the Sea Breeze RV Resort. Sites you have available. We would like 2 & 3 months stay Rates Thank you, Wanda ford

  8. Max & Tonie Duryee

    We enjoyed your article in “Highways” and will be watching your web site for more.
    Can I ask about your photography? Your pictures are so sharp and the color is great. What gear do you use and could you tell us a bit about your technique; Image size, photo software, etc.

  9. i just gotta give to you. great write up. i have been staying at seabreeze rv for my third year during
    april to october. i leave trailer on site at that time.
    i stayed at many rv places up & down that area.
    great people & awsome park. two years ago
    i left in a hurry & did not lock my trailer door, & i returned 2 weeks later w/ the door still closed & nothing missing. i dont even lock my kyaks.
    thats how safe it is at sea breeze.

  10. Max I use pro camera gear – Canon 5D body and pro lenses. The images are 13 mega pixels. I then use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop among other plug-ins like Photomatix and Topaz to achieve my results.

  11. Max & Tonie Duryee

    Many thanks!
    I enjoy your pictures. I’ve been a Canon owner since the early ’70s.
    We live in El Paso (hot) and spend most summers “somewhere” up north.
    Last summer was Rocky Mountain Park, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Great photo opportunities. 🙂

  12. Friederike ("Freddie") Ahrens

    My hubbie and I are a German couple,we are living in Alberta, Canada and got our “permanent residence status” last year.
    Before we came to Canada (because of work)we spent many winters in the Arizona. First in a pickup camper, then in a older motorhome, later in a 5th wheel,what is parked right now in our driveway.
    We are thinking about fulltiming, but we can’t find something about fulltiming in Canada and so on.
    It would be just wonderful to here from you….maybe even meet you someday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m Dora and Otto’s grandaughter–I live in San Diego now, but I stayed with my grandparents for several weeks every summer growing up and have the most wonderful memories of people there at Seabreeze. Although we aren’t able to go to the park as often as we like, the snowbirds there are still like family to us.

    Freddie, there is a large group of Canadians that go to Seabreeze at the same time every winter–the group grows larger every year. You’d feel like you were at your home away from home (Canada) away from home (Germany)!

  14. Friederike ("Freddie") Ahrens

    Thank you for posting, Robyn
    We have been “kind of” snowbirds, when we still lived in Germany: went to the Southwest every winter, but couldn’t afford it any longer.
    We came to Canada because my husband lost his job in Germany and found a new one here.
    We are living in Alberta since 3 years, and I will be true….I don’t like the long and cold winter at all!!!
    But we still need money, to make our real dream to become true.
    We would love to do fulltiming, but it is a lot to consider…and would need to find a buyer for our house.
    Too stupid…we bought it in November 2008, have to pay a mortgage, can’t sell that easy!!!!!


  15. Rodger Townsend

    I live in Aransas Pass TX and have driven by this park countless times and have often wondered about it. My wife and I are 5’ers and have a very large rig so we are unable to fit in many parks that are not 55 and up only, which we are only in our mid 40s. We love to go rving and recently drove to Kerrville TX to check out another park that turned out to be a very suitablel one on the guadelupe river, You may want to check it out it is the Kerrville Shiener park and the rates are only $23 a nite for full 50A hookup. Iam going to go check out this park, by the way I read your article in highways today.

  16. Awesome Rodger, thanks for your comment. We’ll have a look at Kerrville Shiener park next year after setting up camp at Sea Breeze (We’ve pre-booked for next year already)

    Good to hear from you

  17. I read your article first in the newsletter from Good Sam and it sounded so good to me. That me and my husband plan to go their. Then I checked out your blog. I like friendly people & that you were welcome with open arms. I don’t want to be around a bunch of stuffy people who thinks their you know what don’t stink. Anyway thank you.


  18. best place to get the rates @Doug, is from their website or by phoning them. The link to their website is in the first sentence of this post

  19. Hi, Rob & Darlene, Been reading some of the comments. One even from my grand daughter. Otto and I really appreciate all the good words you’ve said. And looking forward to seeing you this winter. Hope you have a great trip down and lots of stories for us.

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