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Day 92, New Orleans French Quarter

Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans hosts hundreds of years of history. From the St Louis Cathedral built in 1727 that looks down on the statue of General Andrew Jackson to Pirates Alley, directly behind it to the French Market, just up the street. Musicians and artists call Jackson Square home and put on nearly round the clock shows to delight your senses. Restaurants in the French Quarter are plentiful, but we recommend a certain specific few before heading out to Pat O’Brien’s for a hurricane or to Preservation Hall for classic jazz by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. As far as we’re concerned, this is where New Orleans began. It’s all been built and spread out from this central location. New Orleans comes alive in Jackson Square.

Day 85 – Dolphin Connection dolphin tour

We looked for a reputable dolphin tour in the Portland area and came across The Dolphin Connection which sails out of Ingleside. Irv and Sonja have worked with the same families of dolphins for over 16 years and know them by name, so we figured they would be good tour guides.

Day 82 – Oysterfest in Fulton, Texas

Our entire stay in Texas, revolved around the Fulton Oysterfest. When Dar found out it was going to be held a week after we had scheduled to move on to New Orleans, we quickly changed our plans and added another week to our stay at Sea Breeze. Dar is crazy about seafood and loves her raw oysters, where Rob doesn’t really care for them. Funny enough, we got on local Corpus Christi television too after being filmed by the Caller Times. This is our experience of the Oysterfest in Fulton.