Day 85 – Dolphin Connection dolphin tour

We looked for a reputable dolphin tour in the Portland area and came across The Dolphin Connection which sails out of Ingleside. Irv and Sonja have worked with the same families of dolphins for over 16 years and know them by name, so we figured they would be good tour guides.

Day 79 – Taking the RV to the Beach

Rob wanted to allow his cats to experience the ocean, so we took the ferry to Port Aransas and then parked the RV on the beach. Part of the trip was to do a photo shoot for an RV magazine we had written an article for about first time RVing so we wanted the shots to be spectacular. Then we enjoyed a nice evening meal at Fishermans Wharf complete with sunset over the marina photos.

Day 75 – Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

We drove to for the day, crossing the border from Texas into Mexico and shopping all day long. We ate at a couple of places, one of which we liked very much, the other with friends from Seabreeze RV Park, and that was… well, “safe”. Our reasons for going to Mexico differed greatly from our fellow RV park residents. Was it because we are Canadian? or because we are younger and just travel differently?