Day 21 – Trip to the Apple Store

So today I got up and turned on my laptop and the screen never activated, it was just black.  I tried what I know to reboot into safe mode, checked the screen brightness, checked the power cable – all with no luck.

After much frustration and cursing, I hauled it off to the nearest Apple store, 30 minutes away in Glendale.  I arrived at about 11:45pm and was greeted by a very pleasant girl who checked me in and booked me an appointment in 3 hours!   So I sat down at one of their terminals, logged in to Facebook and waited.

I had left the house (RV) without any cash, or water, and no gas in the car.  Smart eh?

I could have gone to get some food and paid visa, but the girl said if any openings came up and I was there I’d get in earlier – so I sat.  I did write two blog posts and did some Facebook stuff while I was there, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

I got in by 3pm and the tech service guy checked more things, plugged in other monitors to test for screen issues, etc.  He was guessing that it was the logic board, not the graphics card.  Unfortunately I was forced to leave it there until Thursday.  Somehow this magic guy managed to get e a new one, no charge.  I didn’t question it.  But 3-4 days with no computer, and I was already having withdrawals.

Oh, forgot to mention it was the big Fiesta bowl football game today too, and so happens I drove right past the stadium.  This is a college game and the stadium was bigger than any I’ve ever seen, covered no less.  The parking lot was immense!  3-4 times the size of the actual stadium.

Later that night we went to see Avatar.  Finding the movie theatre was an adventure itself and inside the movie theatre there were a grand total of 4 people, including us. We realized later it was because of the game.  Everyone at the RV park had been watching it too.

Sorry, no photos from today.

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