OK Corral Blacksmith

OK Corral Blacksmith, few have held the title, fewer still lived the part, but for Grizz Mace, living in Tombstone Arizona and blacksmithing at the OK Corral has become his passion.

Grizz Mace, the OK Corral Blacksmith, in Tombstone Arizona

Nothing happens by accident as far as I’m concerned, and neither was stumbling upon Grizz Mace at the OK Corral. After seeing a re-enactment of the legendary gunfight and then wandering the grounds, I made my way to the far corner of the property. While Darlene took photos of carriages and buggies, I began a conversation.

He’s a quiet man, been tending the forge most of his life. Previously at the Ponderosa Ranch, and now at the OK Corral, I learned that his two boys have taken up an interest as well. The Mace family run a blacksmithing operation called Mace Family Blacksmithing and can be found bending steel and pounding their anvils at various events around the country. Their website was http://www.macefamilyblacksmithing (dot) com.

I took the opportunity to capture some video of Grizz while at work

Just before I began filming, Dar had been photographing. She took more during the video too. Lots of great shots.

Grizz Mace Ok Corral Blacksmith
heating the iron in the forge
Checking the horse shoe
twisting the iron
branding irons

Grizz brings life to the role of OK Corral Blacksmith. I can’t imagine anyone better suited for the part.

When you’re in Tombstone, stop over, say hi, tell him you saw this video and buy some of his functional art. You’ll be taking home a piece of history.

For more information regarding the OK Corral, the Historama, tours or the daily re-enactment of the gunfight at the ok corral, visit http://www.ok-corral.com.

Grizz Mace Ok Corral Blacksmith

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9 thoughts on “OK Corral Blacksmith”

  1. Taina Mace Gardner

    This is GREAT! Grizz is my big brother & I love seeing him do what he does best! Thank you for sharing his story on your site.

  2. Taina we’ve added a “share” button for Facebook to our blog, if you’d like to show your friends and family – please use it to share it on your Facebook profile. Thanks

  3. To Grizz and the Young Snowbirds

    Wow! Grizz is one of my very treasured friends, and this is a delight. Your pictorial is very flattering, and the video is great! Good luck to the entire Mace family in their blacksmithing ventures.

    Grizz, I wish you luck and prosperity for years to come.

  4. WOW! Great photos of Grizz! We met him at the OK Corral too! And he was our favorite part of our whole day in Tombstone!!!

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